The oldest Czech spa, which is said to have benn known even by Celts as early as in Roman times. The chateau was built in 16th century on the rin of older Roman closter. Chteau park in English style was made in 18th century. There are several important churchs in whole of the town.

Infocentre - Benešovo nám. 840, 415 01 Teplice, tel.: +420-417 510 666, fax: +420-417 570 629, e-mail:

Curch of St. John the Baptist in TepliceCurch of St. John the Baptist in Teplice
Church of St. John the Baptist
The Chateau square in TepliceThe Chateau square in Teplice
The chateau square
Krušnohorské theatre in TepliceKrušnohorské theatre in Teplice
Krušnohorské theatre
The Beethoven sanatorium in TepliceThe Beethoven sanatorium in Teplice
Beethoven sanatorium
Benešovo square in TepliceBenešovo square in Teplice
Benešovo square
Modern colonade in TepliceModern colonade in Teplice
Modern colonnade